Extra Curricular

Art Club

Mrs. Scott, our art teacher, coordinates this club meeting weekly with 4th through 8th grade students.  Members enjoy creating a wide variety of art pieces using several different material and supplies.
Students in our school choir sing at all school liturgies throughout the year. Lessons are given weekly.
Choir Song Selections

Science Explorers
In coordination with Science Explorers, an innovative, hands-on science company, this after school club allows first to fifth graders an opportunity to become engaged in the wonders of science. Science Explorers can make science cool and exciting through an interactive, hands-on format.

Student Council
Student Council will show leadership by being voices for students, assisting the school administration and helping with various community service and school spirit projects.  They will meet regularly with our Principal, Mrs. Persing to discuss their ideas and goals.

Students in fourth through eighth grade are invited to join the school band. Lessons are given weekly for a variety of instruments. A concert is held at the end of the year.

Students in second through eighth grade are invited to take piano lessons. A concert is held twice per year.

Winter and Spring Productions
Students participate in our Christmas and spring productions coordinated by our music instructor and teachers.

Yearbook Club
Eighth grade students are invited to layout and design the school’s yearbook. Students are taught how to electronically download photographs and graphics and write headings and captions.