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Our mission is simple: to empower students to achieve their academic potential in a faith based environment and lead lives rooted in Christian values with a commitment to a better society.  We exist to help our students know, love, and serve God. We are successful because we have a parish that supports us, friends of Catholic education that support us, a faculty and staff who are dedicated to serving the children’s needs, and parents who make great sacrifices to send their children here.

Through your kindness, we can continue to maintain and tend to the future needs of our students in carrying out our mission! Your gift can be be made in honor of a student, a teacher, or in memory of a cherished loved one. You may also make your donation online.

The St. John Paul II School Annual Fund supports an experience for our students developing the mind, body, and spirit. Investing in new technology, classroom resources, programs, textbooks and workbooks sharpens students’ skills  and leads to greater success in high school and college . Purchasing equipment for our expanding athletic program gives students greater opportunity to engage with fellow classmates. Providing an annual school-wide “Day of Service”  in honor of Saint John Paul II for students, providing retreats and opportunities to share their gifts throughout the year will join us all in a commitment to a better society.

The St. John Paul II School Annual Fund empowers students to achieve their academic potential by recognizing student individuality, providing personal attention, and supporting teacher collaboration for continued success at every grade level. Our faculty commits to 20 hours of professional development each year to increase their skill set in areas like: empathy in the classroom, performance assessment writing, math/science curriculum development as well as teacher team meetings on a regular basis.  We work to help all students reach their academic potential! Maintaining  a quality arts program allows students to think “outside the box” and express their individuality which in turn builds confidence.

The St. John Paul II School Annual Fund helps students excel. Weekly Mass, daily prayer and service learning teaches students how they can help others reach their potential and affirms our faith.  Our Teacher to Teacher program ensures students enter the next grade level with the resources and tools necessary to reach success in the classroom and in life.  Fostering a faith based environment where each faculty and staff member focuses on student well being results in happy and confident children.