Welcoming Students All Year Long

September is a “welcoming” time in schools!  Returning students are welcomed back and new students are greeted for the first time by teachers and administration.  What happens next is critical in creating a welcoming environment for all students all year.  Deliberately providing a learning experience that is welcoming brings student and school success along with increased spirit! Mrs. Helen Persing, Principal, and her staff believes there are key ways to shape a happy, inviting school throughout the school year for students:

  • Make it personal
    • Greet students coming from the car line with a personal “good morning” and sometimes a hug…a happy way to start the school day!
    • Show concern for students passing in the hallways and ask how they are doing so they know others care about them.
    • Empathize with each student and listen to their needs to help them grow in confidence.
    • Give extra time after lunch or school to help a student one on one where needed.
  • Make it safe
    • Hold a high bar for a well maintained campus inside and outside with extra precautions in place for safety.
    • Create bright, inviting and orderly classrooms for students.
    • Reinforce school safely rules regularly with students and explain the importance.
  • Make it a team
    • Incorporate the Catholic faith throughout the school day to teach students the value of respecting the unique gifts of one another to benefit all.
    • Create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing ideas with classmates without the fear of ridicule.
    • Teach students to work in groups to share individual talents for problem solving.
    • Play “ice-breaker” games in class to get to know one another…teacher included.

“I like to see students smiling while walking down the hall or laughing with friends. I know that they feel safe, accepted and happy which leads to academic and personal success.” Mrs. Persing, Principal.

Saint John Paul II Regional School is currently accepting and welcomes new registrations for the 2017-2018 school year.  We invite students to visit us for a Shadow Day.  If you are seeking a faith-based, challenging academic environment for your child, call advancement director, Christine Willard, at 783-3088 or cwillard@jp2rs.org to arrange a visit today!

Mrs. Helen Persing – Principal
Email: principal@jp2rs.org

Mrs. Persing holds an M.A. in educational administration from Rider University along with a B.S. in business management. She has both her NJ State Principal/Supervisor Standard Certification and NJ State Elementary School Teacher Standard Certification, and she completed the New Jersey Leaders to Leaders Program in October 2008. Mrs. Persing was nominated 2013 Camden Diocese Principal of the Year.  She is beginning her tenth school year as Principal of St. John Paul II Regional School since its inception in 2008 and was Principal at Queen of Heaven School in Cherry Hill for two years prior.  Mrs. Persing taught middle school math, science and language arts as well as second grade in the Diocese of Trenton where she was named Outstanding Catholic Educator. Mrs. Persing is passionate about Catholic Education and continues to devote her time to meeting the needs of the students at St. John Paul II R.S.